Who are the faces behind Doo-Doggy Treats and Downward Dog Spaw?

I am Alexis Hopkins and that big guy next to me is my husband, Kelly Hopkins. We both LOVE dogs. We show dogs for fun and are always surrounded by multiple four legged family members. We currently have Havanese and Belgian Shepherds. In the past we have shared our home with labs, Shelties, adopted ‘ethnically diverse’ breeds as well as horses and an occasional special kitty.

Any product sold on this website has been used and approved by the dogs and people in this house. In addition to using all the products featured on our website, we also groom dogs and are 100% dedicated to the safety and comfort of your pet. Alexis is a member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists and has been certified by the ISCC in Pet First Aid and CPR. Alexis is also certified by the American Kennel Club as an AKC S.A.F.E Groomer.

We have lost way too many dogs to cancer, and the ones who lived to an old age suffered from arthritis and other debilitating ailments, so we know something about helping our pets during particularly difficult times in their lives. We tried just about every treatment every veterinarian and specialist has recommended, including acupuncture, laser treatments, water therapy, rehab, surgery, pain medications, chemotherapy….well, just about everything. Would I do it again? Absolutely; if it was the right decision for that pet at that time.

Now I know about another alternative treatment; industrial grade hemp oil. I continue to be amazed by the number of dogs the hemp oil is treating. Not just chronic pain and seizures, but anxious pets; particularly those who react fearfully to specific events such as thunderstorms and fireworks! Does it help every animal? No. But I can honestly say that since I have started making these treats and communicating with my customers there has only been one dog whose anxiety was not helped by the hemp oil. I’m sure there are more, but I am overwhelmed by the texts, phone calls and personal stories of how much these treats ARE helping.

There are many companies selling dog treats with hemp oil right now. So why should you choose Doo-Doggy Treats? We feed our dogs only the best of foods because they are a part of our family. We have carefully chosen only the best ingredients for our treats that can help our dogs live a long happy and healthy life. Every ingredient is fresh, pure, and has a purpose. There are NO added chemicals or preservatives which is why these treats are frozen fresh out of the oven and I recommend keeping them frozen at your home until ready to use. All treats are hand made in small batches right at home and are third-party tested for accuracy and reliability.

Ingredients: gluten free white rice flour, brown rice flour, organic fresh-ground peanut butter, cage-free brown eggs (both the egg and the shell are used), bacon from locally sourced meats, parsley, pure Doterra brand oregano oil, flax seed oil, gelatin and xanthan gum.

I am happy to meet you somewhere in Wichita if you are local, or I can ship these right to your door. Message or email me for details!



What Our Clients Say

  • These treats help my older doggies with arthritis and my younger dog with anxiety.  #betterdoglife

  • My fur babies were so much more calmer after having the treats.  Thank you for giving our family peace during all the noise during this holiday.

  • This is the Go-To great for skidgy pups who don’t love fireworks and thunder.  Old old old pups seem to get a new lease on life too, but that’s a story for another day.

  • Diana brought me some of the peanut butter bacon treats to help a lab/retriever that I am fostering for one of my really good friends.  He has a problem with digging under their deck, got into something sticky that matted his fur on the left side of his face and scratched a big tear in […]

  • The treats are amazing! My 6 y/o basset hound Morgan has hip dysplasia and even though she is on prescription medication she still has pain, especially when it gets colder out, but after giving her these threats she’s up on the couch, she’s in her favorite chair all by herself without so much as a […]

  • All 3 of our dogs ♡ these.  One is a 3-legged girl, so prone to injury.  Our 2nd is a minpin with a knee issue.  Our 3rd has anxiety issues.  I believe these cbd treats help each of them.  Thank heavens these treats are back!!