Basic Package

Breed Specific Full Service Grooming Package
Massage with Organic Shampoo Organic
Tearless Facial
Organic Conditioner
Ears Plucked and Cleaned
Rounded Nails
Sanitary Trim
Paws and Pads trimmed

Sample Prices of popular breeds

Australian Shepherd – $65
Cocker Spaniel – $65+
Goldendoodle – $85
Havanese – $55
Lhasa Apso – $50
Maltese – $45
Pomeranian – $50
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – $60
West Highland Terrier – $50
Schnauzer- Miniature – $50
Yorkshire Terrier – $50

Walk ins

Nail Trim and Ears Cleaned – $15

Rounded nail and ears cleaned while you wait!


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Deshed Package

$20-$25 (BASED ON SIZE)

Coat Specific Deshedding Shampoo
Coat Specific Deshedding Conditioner
Extra Brushing Beyond Basic 15 Minutes
Designated Pet Fragrance

Massaging Therapeutic Mud Treatment

$15-$30 depending on size of dog

Choose from any of our specialized therapeutic mud treatments. Each treatment includes a 15+ minute mud massage:

  • Soothing Mud
  • Mobility Mud
  • Shed Safely Mud
  • Fortifying Mud
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Add any service to an existing groom package

Hot Oil Treatment – $5

Luxurious hot oil treatment for damaged coats

Medicated Shampoo – $5

Grooming and Holistic Dog Centre in Wichita
Organic pet products in Wichita

Hair Color – $25+

Want to cover the grey?
Or maybe show some flair with pink spikes?
How about sporting your team colors?
Price starts at $25, more for extensive color

Gel Nail Polish – $12

For all the reasons YOU prefer gel polish: dries fast and lasts longer!

Dematting – $10


Deskunk – $15+

Price may be more if it was a direct hit! Please call ahead and warn us if you are coming in…we may have you come to the back door!

Additional 10 minute massage – $12

We massage with every bath, but you can add an additional 10 Minute massage to show some extra love to your fur baby!

Extra Brushing – $10

We will let you know when you bring your dog to their appointment if we think they will require above and beyond brushing due to stickers, burrs, mud, mats, etc.

Teeth Brushing – $10

If your dog has never had their teeth brushed, now is the time to start. We will slowly introduce them to a tooth brush, and using special doggy tooth paste, we will get them started on proper dental hygiene.

Scissor Fee – $10

Scissoring may be done if dog is too matted to clip or if a particular coat would benefit from expert scissoring.

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Dirty Dog Express – Price TBD

Been to the lake and can’t take him home smelling like the lake?

We can do a Down and Dirty Quick Bath and Dry. Nothing fancy. Just get ’em clean and smelling pretty!

Special Needs Grooming Appointment

TBD based on Pet’s needs

Do you have a dog that has mobility issues? We can accommodate. We will have to schedule when we have appropriate help for your pet.

We reserve the right to not groom due to some health issues and will never groom a contagious dog.

If we determine that your dog is in any danger or discomfort we will suggest sending them to a veterinarian who grooms so you will have medical staff on site.

Breed Specific Show Trim

Price Available on Request

Headed to a dog show but no time to groom? That is how the owner of the Spaw got started in this business and totally understands your dilemma! We can make your dog show ready so you can focus on packing the van!

Prices determined by breed.

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