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EspanaSILK All Natural Protein Waterless Shampoo
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Size: 1/2 Liter

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Product Description

Gentle but effective, Espana SILK’s All Natural Waterless Shampoo is self rinsing. Ideal, quick and easy to use on tough soiled areas. Organically gets the whites – whiter! It contains Aloe Vera Gel, extra Silk Proteins, Coconut Surfactant, and conditioners so it won’t dry out or irritate skin or coats. Perfect for winter bathing, last minute touchups or unexpected urine and manure messes. It’s a must for every tack supply box. Simply spray on and towel off or blow dry. The skin and coat is left clean and fresh-smelling with our signature cucumber-spa fragrance. Great for dogs, cats, horses, all animals and people too. Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use)

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 10 in


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